How Long Should Work Boots Last?

As the phrase says, a work boot is worn by people who are actually working on their feet not sitting down in the office. This could be farmers, construction workers or just anyone working physically on their compound. The purpose of a work boot is that its protective to the feet considering how much harm can come to them in this rough situations. This means they are especially tough and stronger than ordinary shoes and as a result they are also pricy. Given their high cost, most people find it hard to go buying a new pair that often and prefer wearing the same old boot even if its no longer protective. This begs the question, exactly how long should a work boot last?

Well, the answer to this important question is depends on how often the boot is worn, the industry where the user wears the boot to and the weight of the user. The brand of the boot also matters because poor quality will wear out faster. Ideally, a good work boot should last you between one to two years if its well taken care of but again this is subjective.

The first sign that a boot should be replaced is functionality. If its no longer protecting you it must go. This means if its no longer water proof, chemical resistant, if it is leaking when you step on water and if the toes are peeping. Again if you can see visible signs of wear and tear, its time to let it go. This include a worn out or separating sole, punctures, cracks and cuts anywhere on the boot. If the shoe is obviously tattered or the steel toe is peeping through the leather, its time to throw it away.

Last but not least, the brand as well as the price of the boot really matters. A pair of Redwings costing around $200 last more than two years of daily work if oiled regularly and five years if you don't wear them much. Nikes and Whites are also great quality and last around the same time. They are light and comfortable enough to run around the whole day.

A pair of Timberland or Wolverine for about $150 goes for less than two years looking good if you stay away from muddy and swampy situations. If you want shoes that are protective and can be rebuilt these two brands are the way to go.

apart from taking good care of the boot, its important to buy USA made shoes as those from China are counterfeits.